1st January
Today is the first day of New year. Light the lamp of love, sympathy and mercy in your life.

2nd January
Longing for Lord is necessary, if you want union with God.

3rd January
First listen the discourses of Saints, then ponder over and afterwards implement those thoughts in your daily life, then you will be benefited.

4th January
He is a true scholar and spiritual man, who dedicates himself completely in the devotion of God & in the service of broken ones.

5th January
By chanting the name of God again and again, an incurable patient can be cured.

6th January
Egotist can not progress in spiritual path, therefore be humble.

7th January
Devotees love God, God also loves them. He values them more than himself.

8th January
True Guru Bhakta knows the feelings of his Master. He acts as per, the thoughts of his master.

9th January
When you pray God from the core of your heart, you will get a vision of beloved Lord.

10th January
He is a true wise man who thinks this world is mortal and he worships God.

11th January
Do not be proud of your beautiful body. One day this will be dust in dust.

12th January
A man of mercy tolerates troubles himself and makes others happy.

13th January
Jealousy harms thy health, disturbs your mind. Therefore love all.

14th January
Today is an auspicious day of Makara Sankranti (the day when Sun enters the mansion of Capricormus) Today is the importance of giving charity & doing good deeds with broad mind & selflessly.

15th January
Have full faith in the utterances of saints, your grief will be over.

16th January
Wherever you are, repeat the holy name of God day & night with tongue, mind & with breathing.

17th January
In crematorium & poor both are burnt in same place. There is no separate corner for the rich, then why difference at present!

18th January
Get up from sleep of illusion! Remember God, who has given you precious human life.

19th January
Life is uncertain, whatever good deeds you want to do, do it immediately. Do not postpone.

20th January
If Guru likes any disciple more than others, that is because of his selfless service & faith.

21st January
Today is the martyr day of brave Hemu Kalani. He sacrificed his life in the struggle of freedom of India. We should learn the lesson of patriotism from his life.

22nd January
More you enjoy in this world, more you feel unhappy. Worldly enjoyment is harmful & temporary but happiness is permanent.

23rd January
True Bhakta never thinks of worldly things. Always he thinks & remembers God.

24th January
As mother finds out her son & feeds him, in the same way God feeds all the creatures.

25th January
Do not make your body crematorium by eating flesh, fish and other non-vegetarian food.

26th January
Today is Republic day. We are free from the claws of foreigners, but we have forgotten the values of freedom. India needs unity & patriotism.

27th January
Open the account of your good deeds in the Bank of God. Accounts of worldly banks will not be useful.

28th January
In late hours if any saint or guest comes, do not be unhappy. Serve him whole-heartedly.

29th January
Woman is symbol of power, but now a days because of dowry she is tortured. This is great sin. Do not make your homes hell.

30th January
Today is martyr's day. They sacrificed every thing for the country, community and Dharma. Their lives are source of encouragement for us. We should also serve our community and country.

31st January
The bell of death is ringing. Any moment you will be called. Be alert!