SHANTI PRAKASH was the humblest of humble.
From the beginning His life has been of a Sevak.
He was eager to serve and perform lowest service.
He never liked to be a Guru.
He liked to be a Sevak.
He was eager to tolerate rebuke.
He endured a great many insults, and so tolerance become a part of Him.
He never had a faintest desire to be Worshipped, nor had a seed of pride.
He never had an ill thought for anyone, nor He saw a fault of anyone.
He cared for everyone.
He served everyone.
He never affronted anyone, nor hated anyone.

Outwardly, SHANTI PRAKASH seemed a simple saint. Inwardly, His simplicity melted into the shores of vastness.
He had simple human hands but they carried fingerprints of faith, thousands had witnessed eternal blessings emanting from them.
He had simple human ears, but they were two altars of prayers, where people spoke their hearts and left their sorrows.
He had a simple human face, but that was mirror of love that reflected innocence of the world.
He had a simple human voice, but it spoke only the Truth, and whatever it spoke came out to be true.
He had a simple human feet, but they left foot-prints for generations to follow.


This is not a book, nor it is an album. It is a Spiritual trek into the life of a great Saint SHANTI PRAKASH MAHARAJ. For all pilgrims, who venture to take this trail, it will reveal the summits of Spiritual excellence.
You can begin the journey at the beginning, or start from the end or enter it midway. Open any page and continue. There is no framework of chronology, it is because He was beyond time and space. His spiritual worth remained equal and unchanging.
Along the journey you will encounter His incidents and parables, hear His dialogues, His messages, mystic words and see His gestures. Dear traveler, we afford you the liberty, to interpret them in a way that helps you understand Him better. In reality, in so much said and expressed, much more still remains unsaid. Much of His life remains beyond our human grasp.
Remember this is a journey. Be a traveler, not a tourist. Allow yourself to float freely with your thoughts, to pause at a page, to converse with your heart and to touch the core of your inner self.
What may begin as  a journey into His life may end up as a journey into your own life, into your own enlightment.


His Divine Grace SATGURU TEOONRAM MAHARAJ is the Heart and Soul of PREM PRAKASH MANDAL. He was full of Bhakti & Shakti.
He appeared on this earth on Saturday 6th July 1887 in the noble family of Phoolvanshi Kshatriya of a beautiful village Khando near holy bank of river Sindhu. His father Bhakt Chellaram was a pious person and mother Smt. Krishna Devi was a true devotee of Supreme Lord.
His divine personality attracted the masters, of all fields to join His followings that rapidly grew to thousands of which 100 were saints of highest purity.
He asserted spiritual equality of all people. He and His saints traveled tirelessly throughout the society and by love and compassion, purged it of its malpractices, addiction and superstitions. Welcoming one and all, he crowned them with ultimate liberation. Satguru Maharaj were very humble and pious. One day two people came to Amrapur Asthan to pay their respect to Satguru Maharaj. They took off their chappals and were about to sit down on ‘assam’ kept for Satguru Maharaj, when temple keepers stopped them. Satguru Maharaj who just walked in interjected “Even flies and ants walk around that seat …. These are holy people. Are they not worthier than ants and flies?”
Acharya Satguru Swami Teoonram Maharaj merged in Supreme Lord in May 1942, enriching humanity with several spiritual centers, Amrapur Asthan and treasure of spiritual wisdom in one scripture-Prem Prakash Granth.
But most of all promised to remain ever-present on earth through a succession of enlightened gurus who are in constant rapport with God.
His spiritual successors are Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj, Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj and presently today Satguru Hardasram Maharaj.
Apart from this he produced many other enlightened pious saints of Prem Prakash Mission viz :
Swami Gwalanandji Maharaj,
Swami Gurumukhdasji Maharaj,
Swami Madhavdasji Maharaj,
Swami Basantramji Maharaj,
Swami Chandan  Prakashji Maharaj,
Swami Dharamdasji Maharaj,
Swami Arjan Devji Maharaj,
Swami Prem Anandji Maharaj,
Swami Uddhavdasji Maharaj,
Swami Jeevan Muktji Maharaj,
Swami Atmanandji Maharaj,
Swami Satya  Prakashji Maharaj,
Swami Jai Prakashji  Maharaj,
Swami Murlidharji Maharaj,
Swami Gangaramji Maharaj,
Swami Sarup Prakashji Maharaj,
Swami Chetan Prakashji Maharaj,
and many many others.

“Even flies and ants walk around that seat …….
These are holy people. Are they not worthier than ants and flies?”


SATGURU SWAMI SARVANAND MAHARAJ was born in Dhanjani family of village Bhitshah near Hyderabad Sind. His father Shri Sevakramji was a pure vaisnava and devotee of Lord, and his mother Smt.Iswari Devi a pious woman, was sister of Acharya Teoonramji Maharaj.
Besides being a man of deep moral strength, humanity and holiness, he was genuinely renounced. His life teaches us the complexity and depth of the Guru Disciple Relationship. He was absorbed in deep devotion of His Guru Swami Teoonramji Maharaj.
Once Satguru Teoonramji Maharaj sent for Swamiji and very affectionately said, “Sarvanand, how is this path of renounciation?”. Swamiji with folded hands said, “O! Noble  Preceptor, very powerful is thy divine play. Though this path is very difficult, One has to walk on razor’s edge. But the One who had thy blessings will surely reach the ultimate destination.”
After the disappearance of Acharya Satguru Teoonramji Maharaj, Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj was crowned as the Head of Prem Prakash  Mission in 1942.
After partition Satguru Sarvanandji Maharaj along with other saits and seers of the mandal migrated to India. Satguru Sarvanandji Maharaj  established Amrapur  Asthan at Pink city Jaipur, and gradually this Asthan became the capital of Prem Prakash  Mission. Satguru Sarvanandji Maharaj traveled all over the world with one mission-One Goal-the upliftment of human beings, the awakening of human beings. Showering His blessings and love, everywhere he preached message of His Mentor “SATNAM SAKSHI”, and Guru Bhakti.
He established Prem Prakash Ashrams and temples not only in India  but abroad as well.
During his last foreign tour, he told his devotees “Now onwards Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj will come to you people to carry on further my mission.”
On July 21st 1977 Satguru Swami Sarvanandji Maharaj disappeared from this material world and merged in Supreme Lord.
“One who had thy blessings will surely reach the ultimate destination.”


His birth today calls for a great spiritual celebration, yet on 15th August in the year 1907 A.D., the village Chak of Sind allowed it to pass quietly with little stir  or attention. Neither Shree Asoodomal, nor Jugal Devi, His father and mother  were aware of the magnitude of the birth of their child. And they routinely named  Him ‘Khairaj’.
Perhaps nothing more beautifully summarizes His life than this. He silently concealed His greatness at all times possible.
Yet how long can you with hold the sun from shinning?
He grew up to become one of the purest forces of spiritual  world, a saint who is admired  as the essence of the Eternal experience.
His life history is an inexhaustible treasure of his boundless spiritual powers, illumination and Prem Bhakti.
He got his primary education from teachers like Shri Sheetaldas Vanvari, Shri Veromal and Shri Sachal. He was brilliant student and beloved of all his teachers.
At the age of 11 years he lost his eyesight due to smallpox. His parents  tried their best to regain his eyesight, but all in vain. Ultimately Shri Asoodomal took his son to great saint of Sindh, Saint Harchooram. Khairaj served Saint day and night. He used to clean utencils sweep floors and fill water buckets. Saint Harchooram was kind to the child and showered his graciousness on him. One day when Shri Asoodomal prayed for his son’s eyesight, Saint Harchooram declared, “Forget his eyesight. He will get eternal sight and will become a great Saint of all times. A Mahatama will come from the south to take him. You will get two other  sons for you.” These were the eternal words voiced from the Divine tongue, which became prophetically true. Shri Asoodomal got two more sons, Shri Bhojraj and Shri Chandomal. Khairaj continued to serve Saint Harchooram.
He sang celestial songs in the company of his friend Uddhavdas. As he grew, his spirit of renunciation became stronger. He withdrew from the world. If given  a chance to play or ponder, to speak or remain silent, to study or meditate, he would doubtlessly choose the latter. And this was the stamp of his towering spiritual might, that was to latter lead thousands of souls.
Often he would be found meditating in the forests of Chak village. Often he would be found in the local temples serving the saints, sweeping the surroundings and talking  with idols  of Lord Krishna. And often he had to be dragged home from the temple.
By the time he reached 14 years of age, it become clear that Khairaj was destined for a future, uncommon  to the common man and beyond the reach of an ordinary boy. It was at this stage that he met his Spiritual Mentor, Brahma Gyani Satguru Swami Teoonram Maharaj. The pioneer of Prem Prakash Mandal, who has come there to shower his blessings  on this child. This was a God sent boon for Khairaj. He sang a bhajan  in praise of Satguru Maharaj.
“Satguru Sahib Sant Milaya,
Jagiya Bhag Hamara.”
He developed a strong sense of renunciation and started serving Satguru Maharaj with complete obsession. And in Nov. 1921, his real life began, the life he had come for, the life god had sent him for. Khairaj  sacrified all his other loves, his friends, his family, his village, his birthplace for the highest Love-Love  of Guru-Devotion to Guru. With folded hands he prayed to Satguru Maharaj, “I have surrendered my soul unto you. Oh my Divine Teacher, be with me forever , forgive my faults, accept me in Thy humble service and keep me steady in transcendental Love of Thy Lotus feet.”
“Oh, Satguru, the Enlightner, engage me in thy adoration, submerge me in they service, blend me in thy Divine colour, let me burn in thy Holy candle. Oh Sweat Father!, give me all peace and purity.”
The great Preceptor Satguru Teoonram Maharaj knew that Khairaj was going to be his true disciple, who will take his message to millions of people  all over the world. He initiated Khairaj to the Sacred Naam (Guru Mantra). Khairaj’s happiness knew no bounds as he sang,
“Moonkhey Satguru Dino Gyan,
Man Sheetal thi payo.”

Accepting Khairaj under his fold, Satguru Teoonram Maharaj brought  him to his headquarter Amrapur Asthan, a great temple on the top of sands in Tandoadam Sind.

Then onwards Khairaj moulded his future according to the wishes of his Satguru Maharaj. His life progressed like a silent stream, destined to become an ocean.

Khairaj dedicated himself in the service of Satguru Maharaj. He thrust himself in the service of temple. He gave up caring for his personal body, dismissed any desire of the world that dared to cross his path. He rose beyond self importance and spent his days in arduous  service. Waking before 4:00 a.m. and resting not earlier than past mid-night, he washed utencils, swept the temple yard and halls, served pilgrims and cleaned the kitchens, cared for ill and old and not eating till the last man in the temple has satisfied his hunger. It was hard life, physically exhausting, but he enjoyed every moment of it, for his service brought joy to others. He passed his many nights under the mound of sands to protect himself from chilling cold of the winter. Side by side he continued his penance and meditation. In his total surrender to God and Guru, he became the recipient of the Divine Grace of his Divine Master, who sent him to Rishi Dayaram Gidumal Pathshala Hyderabad and then to Haridwar to learn Holy Scriptures  in Sanskrit.

In Haridwar, Khairaj along with Saint Ishwar Anand stayed in Kutir of Shri Chetan Dev and learnt Vedant Shastras from Shri Shankar Anand Maharaj. He grasped Divine Virtues and Scriptures from saints and sages, hermits and holymen, rishis and munis. He visited all places of pilgrimage like Rishikesh, Laxman Jhulla, Mansha Devi, Kankhal, Saptrishi, Chad Devi with great reverence. He used to take daily dips in holy waters of mother Ganga. He attended religious discourses with devotion and enthusiasm. He then went on a pilgrimage of the Himalayas along with Saint  BhajanDas, Saint KishanDas, Saint GangaRam and others. One could see his strong will-power and longing for God realization, when he traversed bare footed the narrow steep and difficult paths, sharp curves and sky-scrapping hill tops. Travelling in days and taking rest at nights, he visited Uttar Kashi, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gandhamalaya mountains, Gauri Kund, Bhrigu Ganga, Kailas Mansarover etc. He spent all his time in reciting sacred Naam with deep down in his heart.

He went to Amritsar where he learnt Guru Granth Sahib from Shri Hameer Singh and committed Granth to memory in two years. Thereafter he came back to Amrapur Darbar, prostrated at the lotus feet of Satguru Maharaj and with heart full of ecstatic emotions prayed, “Oh, Satguru, the Enlightner, engage me in thy adoration, submerge me in thy service, blend me in thy Divine colour, let me burn in thy Holy candle. Oh Sweat Father!, give me all peace and purity.” He offered respectful salutations to other sages of Mandal like Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj, Swami Gwalanand, Saint GurumukhDas and Saint Basant Ram. He continued to serve and meditate as usual, unaffected by hunger or thirst, heat or cold. In this way, slowly but surely, the sapling of devotion, Divine  knowledge and renunciation of Maya rooted deeply in his heart; began flowering and fruitifying. He became a symbol of love and brotherhood, patience, purity and prudence, silence and submissiveness, renunciation and truthfulness.

On 14th Nov. 1937, at the age of 39 he was initiated into Sanyas by his Holy Master, and rechristened as SWAMI SHANTI PRAKASH MAHARAJ. He was instructed by his Gurumaharaj to dedicate his life to the service of humanity and to spread holy knowledge to all corners of the world.

He traveled East and West, South and North, enlightening people from all walks with Satguru’s teachings and filling their hearts with KRISHNA LOVE. During religious discourses, he sang hyms, bhajans and soul searching songs in praise of Gurumaharaj and Govind. He enchanted the hearts of audience and made them go in ecstatic trance. While singing Bhakti Bhajans in transcendental  Love of Lord, he would forget himself and become so completely absorbed in chanting His name and singing His praises that he would become totally oblivious of the surroundings. Only a transcendental lover can feel that height of nothingness and Oneness!





Acharya Satguru TeoonRam Maharaj merged in the Supreme Lord in May 1942 and Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj was crowned as Head of Prem Prakash Mandal. Swami Shanti Prakash was deeply grieved, but he resigned himself to the will of God and said, “Gurumaharaj is Omniscient, Omnipotent, all pervading everywhere, Guru’s flame radiates to his successor, so we all should maintain same kind of devotion and service to Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj.”

Partition took place in 1947. Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj, Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj and other saints of the Mandal came to Ahemdabad in January 1948. Swamiji sought permission and blessings from Satguru Maharaj for going on religious Jaunts. He visited Delhi, Haridwar, Mathura, Kurla-Bombay and then reached Kalyan camp to pay salutations to his father who was settled in camp No.5. His visit to Ulhasnagar was like a ray of sunlight on a mistry day. His mere presence transmitted peace to many restless souls.

His melodious Bhajans touched soft corners of many wavering hearts. Persons like Jashanmal Pahuja, Dwarkadas, Vallarmal and many others became his devotees. These devotees made Swamiji settle down in Ulhasnagar. On October 10th 1948, Swamiji built a small temple in the name of Satguru TeoonRam Maharaj above the two rooms (His father’s house) of Camp No.5, Swamiji started regular religious discourses, prayers and preachings in this small temple. A stream of visitors, seekers of salvation, devotees and travelers on spiritual path started pouring in. He initiated those who wished to take refuge at his Lotus feet and tied them in a strong bond of Love and Protection. Once explaining Divine knowledge of Soul, Swamiji said –

“You are not this body in which you are living. In reality you are a Soul (Atma), part and parcel of the Supreme Soul (Param Atma). Thus you are made of two things : i.e. Body and Soul. To understand this One has to understand the difference  between living  and dead body. When someone dies, the ‘Soul’ or the living force leaves the body and therefore  the body is called ‘Dead’. That is why the relatives dispose off the body. They do not keep the body at home or love the dead body, be it of one’s wife or husband, father or mother. The question is why it is like that? The only answer is because the Soul has left the body and without it body becomes useless. Therefore, you must come out of this concept of body (Dehatma-Buddhi). You are an Eternal Soul. The soul has no birth or death. It is eternal, immutable and primeval.” Swamiji further explained –

“From birth to death your body is changing continuously. First, you were a new born, you grow from a child into a boy, then become full youth and adult, and then become an old person. Throughout all this time, although your body has been changing, you still feel yourself to be the same person with the same identity. Just see, the body is changing but the occupier of the body – the Soul, is remaining the same. As you cover your body with shirt or coat, the Soul is covered with body. And as you change your shirt or coat, Soul also changes his body after death, but he never dies. This is  called “Transmigration of Soul”.



People coming to the temple were enlightened with his teachings of self-realisation. Seekers of truth approached Swamiji for solution of worldly problems. Devotees invited Swamiji to conduct Satsangs in their houses. Swamiji showered his blessings, practically in each and every house of the Camp.

That small temple is today a Great Tirth Asthan. Noble Souls like A.C. Bhakti Vedant Swami Prabhupad, Brahmachari Swami Prabhu Dutt, Swami Leela Shah, Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj, Dada Jashan Vaswani, Swami Ganeshdas of Sadhubella Mission, Saint Asha Ram and many more have visited this Sacred Asthan and blessed the devotees with their teachings.

On, 11th July 1977, Swamiji received news of dropping health of Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj. He rushed to Jaipur and remained in the service of Satguru Maharaj till the morning of July 21st, when Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj decided to depart from this world to their heavenly home. Swamiji were so grieved that he cursed death. “Death should come to you, Oh death”. Immediately after performing 13th day ceremony of Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj on 4th August 1977, Swamiji were adorned as GADI NISHAN  (Guru Gadi) by all saints and sages of Prem Prakash Mandal. At this occasion Swamiji said, “You all have entrusted me great responsibility. I am most humble servant of Guru Maharaj. I am nothing. I am zero. All are his plays. He is the Supreme Director. We all are his artists and will carry on his work. Guru Maharaj will bless us with necessary strength and divine knowledge to follow his foot steps. Prem Prakash Mission is firmly established by him. The light of mission is to be kept burnt and kindled. The lamp after lamp has got to lit up. The real image of Guru is visible in their teachings and scripture. We have only to obey and follow their teachings by heart and soul. Guru Maharaj have been our protector in the past and will guard us in future too. You all bless me so that I may carry this holy mission under benign guidance of Satguru Teoon Ram Maharaj and Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj.

Now he was 70 and the whole responsibility of the progress and welfare of lakhs of people were upon his shoulders. He dedicated his life for fulfilment of His Guru’s mission. He worked round the clock for the welfare of whole universe. He showered rain of BRAHMA GYAN and KRISHNA LOVE all over the earth. He tirelessly moved from place to place, from country to country, city to city, village to village, visiting every hut and home. His Mission remained to free people from the grips of addiction and superstitions, and help them to lead a holy life. His affectionate nature drew both children and youngsters, who enjoyed his company and valued his wisdom. Some became saints and joined his Mission, others helped to run various centers established all over the world. Apart from temples he advocated the construction of educational institutions, hospitals and elderly homes. Swamiji encircled India more than 100 times for propagating his Guru’s teachings and KRISHNA BHAKTI. He visited many foreign countries like U.S.A., Spain, Japan, Dubai, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and many more on lecture tours, that have enlightened whole world with Krishna Love and of course Spiritual knowledge.

He became magnet for crowds of visitors. He explained Vedic literature, the philosophy of Bhagavat Gita and message of Sanatan Dharam. He preached for recitation of the name of Krishna – “JAI SRI KRISHNA”, Vegetarianism and Cowworship. His Bhajans sung in praise of Lord Krishna purified the hearts and ennobled the minds of all the devotees. His teachings have created a revolution of thinking in the minds of millions of people worldwide. His achievements are extra ordinary.

His writings, Bhajans Verses and teachings have been compiled in the holy book “PREM PRAKASH GRANTH”, which is a Ved for all disciples.

On the night of August 14th 1992, He took leave of his devotees in Bombay and boarded Bombay-Singapore flight accompanied by his close disciple Swami Dev Prakash and few others. Swamiji knew he would be departing from this world and chose to do it in mid-air. Swamiji left his devotees in India exactly as Lord Krishna left his gopis, when leaving Vrindavan never to return. His last words in this material world were, “What is time?” Swamiji enquired from Saint Dev Prakash. “It is 3:45 a.m. Your Holiness” replied Saint Dev Prakash. “Still time is there, take me to bathroom please” he told Dev Prakash, who took him to bathroom.

Swamiji came back to his seat at 3:55 a.m., but this time he occupied chair in Samadhi posture and peacefully merged in the Supreme Lord, soon after. His last rites were performed at Ulhasnagar in Prem Prakash Ashram on August 18th 1992. Hundreds of thousands of devotees, followers and great saints from India and abroad came to pay their last respects.

Swamiji was a master craftsman of the hearts of people. He never forced or compelled, never hurt or humiliated the feelings of others. He simply lived his life in Divine harmony with the Lord. And in doing so, somehow, His presence inspired answers to life’s toughest questions.

The light of mission is to be kept burnt and kindled. The lamp after lamp has got to lit up.

You are an Eternal Soul. The soul has no birth or death. It is eternal, immutable and primeval.”

Under Swamiji’s Spiritual Leadership, Noble Saints like Swami HardasRam (now His Successor), Saint Brahmanand, Saint Ved Prakash, Saint Dev Prakash, Saint Gyan Prakash, Saint Anant  Prakash, Saint Naam Dev, Saint Manoharlal, Saint Jai Dev, Saint Raju Prakash and many others have spread like stars in the universe. They are working as missionaries of Prem Prakash Mission.

In conclusion, under the umbrella of Pujania Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj, Prem Prakash Mission has become dynamic and multidimensional Spiritual movement that is making significant contribution to the intellectual, cultural and Spirtual life of modern man on global scale.

Complete devotion to KRISHNA, freedom from materials desires, truthfulness, self-realisation, charity, study of Shastras and service to all creatures of universe are the great pillars of this Mission. Till today Prem Prakash Mission has established following centers along with charitable hospitals, cowsheds, Gurukul Schools, guest hosues, elderly homes. In every center devotional songs and spiritual discourse alongwith regular public kitchen (Bhandara) is going on in religious way. These centers also send food from time to time, to blind schools, homes for disabled, homes for aged and infirm and charitable hositals.

His teachings have created a revolution of thinking in the minds of millions of people worldwide. His achievements are extra ordinary.

Prem Prakash Ashrams

are established in following cities

Amrapur Asthan Jaipur
Ulhas Nagar
Pushkar Raj
Ahmed Nagar
Bhav Nagar
Dadar Bombay
Jam Nagar
Bairagarh (Bhopal)
Badnera (Amravoti)
Rajpura town (Punjab)
Other Country

and Canada

“Guru Maharaj will bless us with a necessary strength and divine knowledge to follow his foot steps. You all bless me so that I may carry his Holy Mission under benign guidance of Satguru Swami Teoonram Maharaj and Satguru Swami Sarvanand Majaraj.”


He had cast a charming spell upon hundreds of thousands people worldwide, he was being adored and worshipped for his spiritual care and depth. Great Saints & Scholars sought his blessings and glorified him with heartfuls of praise.

In 1987 a Great Parade had been arranged in the town of Ulhasnagar to welcome Swamiji, on his return to India from a successful spiritual mission to foreign lands. After the event an aged person made his way to Swamiji’s room, and with adoration, he said, “You have become YUGPURUSH”.

“No! No! I am just a humble servant”, hands, folded, Swamiji stood up and bowed low to the aged person. Devotees present there experienced the endless impact of simple humility.

His visit to Ulhasnagar was like a ray of sunlight on a misty day. His mere presence transmitted peace to many restless souls.

The experience, I had of Swamiji, cannot be expressed in language. He is a living mass of what is the Experienced in the Upanishads. The Bliss of the Self Supreme exploding out of that aged body, wefting a steady fragrance of pure love, gushed into those who came near him. Hence none wants to leave him and his presence. To such a Master we can only prostrate and not write about.

Dada Jashan Vasvani

He was a modern world’s greatest self realized Master. His living was one hundred percent exactly what Krishna tells in Geeta about a living of Brahma Gyani.

Dayal Asha

He was a man ripened with love, Meeting him was like hugging God.

Dongarsi Maharaj

Yet great people are better understood through experience than expression, for they choose to write their lives through actions.

Ramanand Sagar

He indiscriminately inspired the humanity that surrounds him with purpose of life, and offering them not in mere theory but a practical way of living.

Saint Avidaynath M.P.

Besides being a man of deep moral strength, humility and holiness, he was genuinely renounced. His life is an epitome of his ideals, and ideals that he setforth for others to follow.



In 1985 Swamiji were invited to perform Murti Asthapana ceremony of Julelal Sain at Rajendar nagar New Delhi.

Respecting the request, Swamiji, Saint Dev Prakash, Saint Gyan Prakash and other Saints and devotees arrived at the venue on that auspicious Day. Mr. Tahilramani, the then Naval Chief of Govt. of India was there to preside over the function. A rich crowd had gathered to witness the event.

The auspicious ceremonies of Murty Asthapana, garlanding and prayers concluded on a high note of Joy. Amongst the by standers was a simple watchman on his usual job. No sooner, did, Swamiji left seat, the watchman rushed to him, fell at his feet and Bengan to pray : “O Swamiji, please come to my small place, bless my poor hut as well.’

Many shrugged away, feeling insulted in being with a watchman. ‘‘Not now!”. Someone from Swamiji’s devotees sternly denied, “the sun is already high and we have to reach Malkagunj at the earliest.’

‘But look at his love’, Swamiji indicated, “We cannot turn him away. Come, we must fulfil his wish.

Not waiting for others, he began to follow the watchman, and the whole crowd shadowed him. A 15 minutes walk in the blazing heat brought them to his hut. The watchman’s heart had burst at its seams and grown wings, his love had touched the skies. He ran around to perform Aarti and Pooja of Swamiji, who was refulgent with a happiness that eneveloped him. Finally, he once again held the feet of Swamiji, letting his tears trickle, unable to believe that Swamiji was in his small hut.

‘o Swamiji, please come to my small place, bless my poor hut as well.”

Perfect Answers By Perfect Master


Devotee : What is a Guru?

Swamiji : Who ever teaches Brahma Gyan (Knowledge to reach God – The Supreme power) is a Guru or Spiritual Master. A Spiritual Guru is the external manifestation of God. He is the personification of Veds. He is empowered by the Lord to deliver the conditional Souls. Sometimes the Lord Himself becomes the Spiritual Master like Krishna, who showed Arjun his original form.

Devotee : Are Guru and Parmatma one?

Swamiji : Guru is the form of Parmatma.

Devotee : Do you talk with God? How can we know?

Swamiji : Those who have attained such a state can know. Just as I have not learnt English and so cannot understand if someone speaks in english. Similarly those who know the language of God can only understand.

Devotee : What should be relationship between a true Guru and disciple?

Swamiji : That cannot be explained through language. It can be only expressed though feelings of heart.

Devotee : Swamiji, Total Person like Krishna failed to satisfy his dearmost friend and devotee Arjun through his words which runs through 18 chapters of Geeta. Ultimately Krishna succeeds in dispelling Arjun’s doubts only by unfolding himself, exposing his univeral form. Then why don’t you show us your original form?

Swamiji : You are all my ‘Varat Swaroop’. I am there in all of you and all of you are in me. You have only to trust. The moment you develop firm faith, you will see me everywhere.

Devotee : Lord Krishna says in Geeta – “Everyone has to bear the fruits of his Karmas.” Can Guru save his disciple from punishment of his irreligious acts?

Swamiji : One cannot escape from Karma-Phal. That is a universal law. Nature never changes its rules.  But a Brahma Gyani, Brahma Nistha Guru can help his devotee, if his faith and devoti on to Guru is unshakeable.

Suppose a person has to fall from a 7th floor of a building due to his previous Karmas. No one can save him from falling, because this is his Karma’s matured fruit. But a Mahatma, a Satguru can help the person, making him fall on some truck full of Dunlop or cart carrying cotton. The person is to fall this is his Karma’s punishment. But he will be saved from hurt or injury by any means. This is Guru’s help.

Devotee : Your Holiness, what is difference between Atma and Parmatma?

Swamiji : Atma and Parmatma are one and the same.

The whole modern civilization is operating one the misunderstanding that body is the self, but this is the mentality of animals as they are not having Buddhi for self-realisation.

I am there in all of you and all of you are in me. You have only to trust. The moment you develop firm faith, you will see me everywhere.

In fact the living force in all human beings, animals, birds, beasts etc. is nothing else but Soul-The Atma. This Soul is part and parcel of the Supreme Soul – The Parmatma.


Quality wise the Atma and Parmatma are equal. The difference is only of quantity. Atma is just like a drop of sea, and Parmatma the sea Itself. The drop of sea is having same qualities as the whole sea. The constitutional position of Atma is different from the position he takes in material world. When Atma is in material consciousness, he has to take on various bodies in this material world depending on his Karma. But when he attains Spiritual Knowledge (With the Help of Guru) and realizes himself in Spiritual consciousness, it becomes one with Supreme power – Parmatma. That is why all Holy Souls and self realized Saints say, “AHAM BRAHMASMI”.

Devotee : By surrendering to Guru, what does one get?

Swamiji : By taking the shelter of a bonafied Spiritual Master and obeying his instructions with firm faith and devotion, one gets knowledge, detachment and ultimately Liberation (Moksha).

Devotee : Our Vedant declares, “Destiny is irrevocable and unavoidable.” Then why one should unnecessarily bother and labour hard?

Swamiji : It is indeed true that one would get only what is destined for him. However it behoves One to make a clear and proper distinction, between where it is appropriate to be resigned to one’s fate and where it is appropriate to exert personal effort. Securing a job is a matter of destiny, but having secured one, to sustain it with sincerity is a matter of personal efforts. To acquire or come into wealth is dictated by destiny, but how to use that wealth for a good purpose is a matter of personal choice and efforts. Whatever One is given by destiny, what one gets is his destiny; But how one uses it is his freedom of choice and efforts (Purushartha or New Karmas).

Devotee : Swamiji, is it true that Heaven and Hell are only on this Earth?

Swamiji : Heaven and Hell on this earth are only samples.

As per our Holy Scriptures, there are eighteen varieties of Heaven and Hells. Among them one type of each is here on this earth. They are like samples. When a trader, like a cloth merchant, comes to you to fetch order, he only brings his samples to show you. Again a grain merchant will only show Samples of grains. He does not carry his godown with him. Likewise nature has created only one sample of his Heaven and Hell here on earth.

Devotee : How One can live without sufferings?

Swamiji : By simply observing without reacting. By simply examining any phenomenon objectively with equanimity, with a balanced mind. Like during meditation one feels pain in knee. Now, if he can learn just to observe the physical pain, if One can examine the sensation of pain objectively like a doctor examining someone else’s pain. Then One can se that pain itself is changing. It does not remain forever, it comes and goes, every moment it changes, but you-the observer-remain the same, unchangeable. If One understands this by personal experience, One can find that pain can no longer overwhelm and control him. Perhaps it goes away, perhaps not; but it does not matter. One cannot suffer from pain any more, because now he observes it with detachment.

“Destiny is irrevocable and unavoidable.’ Then why one should unnecessarily bother and labour hard?


Answering a quarry of  a devotee Dr. Raj Mhale thorasic surgeon, of St. George Hospital at a seminar held at S.N.D.T. women university Juhu Bombay on 4th May 1991 Swamiji said, “The Supreme Being is both Personal and Impersonal. He is both One and Many and also Absolute beyond One and Many.”

To a devotee (dualistic worshipper) the Lord may manifest Himself in various forms. To one who has reached by His will, to the height of Absolute knowledge in Samadhi, He is the Absolute once more, Formless, unconditioned. Krishna himself has declared in Geeta, Yes, I am the father of universe. I am the Brahma of the Vedant. I am the Atma (Nirgun Brahma) of Upanishads. Then the Personal God reveals himself, that revelation is the proof of his existence as personal as well as impersonal.

Again the Impersonal, undifferentiated God, the Absolute, is revealed by the Personal God. The Saint in ‘Samadhi’ cannot say anything about the Absolute, because during ‘Samadhi’ his ‘I’ is merged or lost in the Absolute.

Just like salt-doll stepping down to measure the depth of sea tells no tale, as it becomes lost and one in Infinite Deep. Nor can he, coming down from ‘Samadhi’ say anything about undifferentiated or Absolute form. Once in relative world his mouth is shut or he cannot express in words the Absolute or Nirgun or Impersonal Brahma.

Were it ever possible to lay down the position by an anology, you might say that the original milk was Brahma, realized in ‘Samadhi’ the butter was Impersonal – Personal God revealing himself, and the butter milk the universe.

“The supreme Being is both Personal and Impersonal. He is both One and Many and also Absolute beyond One and Many.”

Krishna says in Geeta, ‘I am the Brahma of Vedant (Impersonal-Personal God). It is within my power to give absolute knowledge. This I do when I cause the effacement of the lowerself (Ego) and realization of higher ‘Self’ – ‘Samadhi’.

Then you may come unto Brahma by only His will through the path of Jnana-Yoga. But it is very difficult especially in this KaliYuga to come through this road; it is to shake off the conviction, ‘I am the body’ which clings to us.

Again you may come through other path, that is, Prayer  to him i.e. Bhakti Path. Self surrender to him and devotion to God are the elements of Bhakti. First you come to him-Krishna-the Personal God-through these.

Take my word for it, when your prayer comes from the bottom of your heart, Lord Krishna shall respond to it. Pray to him again and again if you want to realize his Impersonal Self. He is Omnipotent-You would be in a position to realize in Samadhi his Impersonal Self also.

Only I must add that a devotee will be quite content to realize the Divine Person-My Divine Krishna-or any of his infinite forms of glory including Divine Incarnations – Sri RAMA, SRI NARSINGH, SRI WAMAN etc. The Bhakti does not long for the realization of the Impersonal. He is anxious that the whole of his ego shall not be effaced in Samadhi. He would prefer to have sufficient individually left to him to enjoy the vision as a Person.

He would fain taste the sugar in place of being one with sugar itself.

The Saint in ‘Samadhi’ cannot say anything about the Absolute, because during ‘Samadhi’ his ‘i’ is merged or lost in the Absolute.


He was Nishkami – a life time celebrate. The radiant luster on his face, reflected the purity of his mind. Through he made many institutes, temples, cowsheds, hospitals but not one of them was under his name. He was a great Karma Yogi. He is an ideal of Krishna’s Nishkam Karma Yog.


Beyond pride and ego he considered himself low and insignificant, unable to do anything without the blessings of Guru TeoonRam Maharaj. Whatever good he did for humanity, he credited it to his Guru and Lord. Not once doeshe seem to be conscious of being Maha Mandleshwar of Prem Prakash Mission. He was beyond the dint of ego, and that helped him reach out to one and all.


He had no attachment to anything or anyone except his Guru and Lord. He traveled throughout the world like a traveler not a tourist. He used this whole world as stage, and acted like a mirror. He reflected whatever came in front of him. He himself remained aloof.

Nector of his Teachings


Swamiji always looked upon his Satguru Maharaj as Lord-all pervading and Omnipresent. He says :



The Satguru is the human form of God, and the devotion to Guru is really the devotion to Lord.

Swamiji quotes from 17th chapter of Eleventh canto of Srimad Bhagwatam, where Lord KRISHNA states “My dear Uddhave, the spiritual master must be accepted not only as my representative  but as My veryself and by serving the Satguru, one is able to serve not only all demigods but Me the Supreme Soul.”

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Maharaj says Guru should be looked upon as greater than God :



As a child however brilliant he may be, can not pass school classes without teacher, A devotee can not attain God consciousness or Moksha without a Spiritual Guru.

Even the Supreme Lord appearing on earth as Lord Ram and Lord Krishna got themselves initiated by their Gurus and bestowed upon their respective Gurus, the title of God.



Swamiji assures that a devotee who has unshakeable faith in his Satguru, who obeys his orders under all circumstances, and who keeps food, conduct and thoughts of mind as per Guru’s instructions achieves all the worldly and spiritual pursuits.


Speaking eloquently on the deep and mysterious metaphysical truth of Vedanta, Swamiji says, “Human being hankers after eternal Bliss, but he is the very embodiment of truth, knowledge and bliss.

Vedas have already declared – “Blissful is the form of this being.”

In Geeta Lord Krishna says, “The Jeevatma (Soul) in the body is an eternal portion of Myself.” This Eternal joy is in the Soul of a man. The Soul and Bliss are inseparable. But man has forgotten it and is trying to find it, in the outside objects in the same way as deer is running at all the time to obtain the musk which is verly hidden in its own naval. This Eternal Joy or Bliss is not away from us, the only condition is that we have to be introspective.

If a fish living in sea says, that she is thirsty, you will simply laugh at fish, because there is no need for her to be thirsty, she is living in sea!, why she should be thirsty?

Man is already part and parcel of Brahma. It is not a question of being Brahma, you are already there! Brahma means Existence, that which exists. And this Existence is very much within you! Only you have to be aware of this fact!

To be aware, one has to go inward. Instead of running hither and thither, when one dives deeply inwards, he becomes aware of his own self, and unbelieveably beautiful, that is Eternal Bliss.

Aare Colony, Goregaon, Bombay

- 1st June 1991

“Human being hankers after eternal Bliss, but he is the very embodiment of truth, knowledge and bliss.”


Swamiji says, “Always live on the stage of world as a Sakshi – A witness – A spectator, without identifying oneself with it.”



Make your mind mirror not camera. A mirror reflects everything that appears before it, but unlike the camera it does not retain impression when the object moves away from it. He explains, we use our eyes like a movie camera and what we see with our eyes, is imprinted on our mind’s film, and we then watch it inside with closed eyes. All our thoughts and images are concerned with the others. Not only do we think of our friends and loved ones, we also think of our adversaries and enemies whom we hate. And it is ironic, that those we hate, haunt us much more than those we enjoy and love. But when we neither identify ourselves with something nor condemn it, when we are neither interested in remembering something nor in forgetting it, then the things drop and disappear on their own; we do not have to do anything, it removes itself from the scene of mind. And by and by the witnessing Consciousness  alone remains without any object before it.

A man of such consciousness will relate with people and things, but he will not enter into relationships, involving attachments and a versions. He will mix in society, but his aloneness will remain inviolated and untouched. Whatever he will do, his consciousness will be still and steady like the center of cyclone. He will no more remain a doer, but an actor on the stage of life.

His consciousness is no more like the film of a camera, but like a mirror and he will use it as a mirror. By turning inward one attains to non-attachment. And turning in is possible only if he becomes a witness – A “Sakshi”.

Begin witnessing from any point of life and you will reach innermost depth. And the most you aim at your centre, you are non – attached, you are like a lotus in flowers.


And it is ironic, that those we hate, haunt us much more than those we enjoy and love.  
By turning inward one attains to non-attachment. And turning in is possible only if he becomes a witness – A “Sakshi”.


(Religious lecture on 24th Feb 1991 at Amrapur Darbar Jaipur)

Death does not exist. There is nothing like death.
Everybody thinks that he has seen death, because he has seen somebody dying. To see somebody dying is not to see death, because what is happening inside the person is invisible to you. He is only changing the house. He is moving from one body to another body. Just like you all have come here to hear me, leaving your homes. Does it mean you are dead? No! you are not dead, but you have just changed the place. Before, you were at your home, now you are at Amrapur Darbar. Likewise the consciousness moves from one body to other. But once this consciousness leaves the body, the body is dead. The body has always been made of dead material. It is the consciousness which when radiates throughout the body, it looks alive.

Death is only a change which you cannot see with your eyes. When a doctor operates upon a patient, he makes him unconscious with the help of anesthesia, either general or local, so that the patient does not feel pain, otherwise the patient will not be able to bear pain and this is about the small surgery. Death is the greatest surgery. Your whole consciousness or in other words your whole self is taken out of your body. Naturally, you become unconscious before it happens. So, even if you die, and you have died many times, you do not remember. Because you were unconscious – how you can remember? So the only way to know death is deep meditation. You have to go inward very deep and you will know that you are only pure consciousness, through which you will come to know that you and your body are absolutely separate. They are working together in deep harmony, but they are not one and same. The body is surrounding you, but it is not inseparable  from you. You can see the gap. That very moment you see that death is fiction. It does not exist. Because now you know your consciousness is your life. And the moment life leaves body, people think you are dead, but actually that body which is made of dead material dies. You just leave it and go to other place. Fear of death is by product of your unconsciousness. So the only way to get rid of it, to know its bogus reality, is to become conscious.

You just become ‘Sakshi’, Witness and meditate deeply Guru Mantra. You will realize your origin that is consciousness Existence.

And once you know your origin, your fear of Death will disappear which in reality has no existence.

Fear of death is by product of your unconsciousness.


Swamiji says, Satsang – the assembly of Divine man is the court of Lord. It should be attended regularly. Human birth is a wonderful gift and one can attain glorious heights. It is essential to purity and perfect the self by the constant schooling i.e. Satsang. Each of us has fourobligations to fulfil. First to preserve and protect the self, secondly to serve the akin, thirdly of occupation and fourthly to master the means to attain Moksha, the Eternal freedom. But because of Maya (Delusion) every body is busy with his first three obligations, fourth is albet forgotten. This is the reason that no one has the perfect peace. But if the fourth function is accompolished concurrently, the Eternal peace is guaranted.

Thus the Satsang be also carried out punctually. Not a single day be missed in attending Satsang. Maya can deceive the wisest and greatest, but not the one who livesin steel castle of Satsang. Thus never turn your back to Satsang. Orientate the modes and manners to the teachings of Satsang. Swamiji assures “if you will get into the boat of Satsang, you will cross safely the river of life with death and birth as its shores, without suffering and sorrows.


Veds and all religious Granths clearly say, “The chanting of Lords name is greater than even the dutiful performances of one’s actions, knowledge and worship.


Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj says, “There is no difference between Lord Krishna (Personal form) and His name. In this age of Kali the Holy name KRISHNA is sound incarnation of Lord KRISHNA. Krishna and Krishna’s name, are the same ABHINNATVAM NAMA – NAMINOH “There is no difference between Krishna’s name and Krishna.” If one chants his Holy name with each and every breath – JAI SHREE KRISHNA – JAI SHREE KRISHNA, he shall reach highest perfectional stage of life. This is very easy and everyone can take part in it. There is neither necessity of education nor previous qualifications. The only requirement is true devotion and love for KRISHNA. This chanting of JAI SHREE KRISHNA is a great means for spreading love of Lord. JAI SHREE KRISHNA can be changed by any man in any country and in any age for Lord KRISHNA is the Supreme Lord of all the people in all the countries in all ages.

Lord KRISHNA says in Geeta



He who meditates, on me as the Supreme God, his mind constantly engaged in remembering me, undeviated from the path, he O Partha, is sure to reach Me.


You work as a trustee, as a Manager, or as an employee of Lord KRISHNA, because everything belongs to Him. Empty handed you have come and so you will return. You have not brought anything with you. The fact is that anything, which you are having was already here and you are allowed to use it, But never claim proprietorship. If one claims that anything belongs to him, he is the greatest thief. He is stealing that thing from Supreme Father – KRISHNA and claming it to be his. Nothing belongs to us. Everything belongs to KRISHNA. SHREE ISOPANISAD says “Everything moving or non moving that is within the universe is owned and controlled by the LORD”. All things are transient and so also this existence. One should never be disturbed by material gain or loss. As such keep your mind calm and undistressed. Work as trustee of Lord KRISHNA under the guidance of Satguru. Then only you will cross the oceans of pain and penitence. One should accept KRISHNA as his Lord and every thing done should be done for Him.

Lord Krishna tells Arjun in Geeta


“O son of Kunti, all that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, as well as all austerities that you may perform should be done as an offering unto me.”
Swamiji assures that by accepting Krishna in this spirit one can attain Moksha and reach Krishna Lok.
If one claims that anything belongs to him, he is the greatest thief.


“Swamiji himself are humblest of humble and so advises to followers, “always be humblest of humble, be servant of servants. Because by positioning at low level, one gets blessings and energy from all higher levels, just like water flows from a higher to lower level.
Swamiji says a true disciple should be more tolerant than the tree and more submissibe than the grass. He should offer all honour to others, but may not accept any for him.


Swamiji says the real sense for observing fasting is to minimize the demands of the body, to control senses, to engage our time in the service of Lord, by chanting his name and to increase one’s faith and love for Mukanda.
In Brahma – Vaivarta Purana it is said that one who observes fasting on Ekadashi is freed from all sinful activities and advances to pious life.


A devotee should offer water to the Tulsi and Banyan tree. He should offer respect to cows and Brahamans. All of this processes will help the devotee to diminish the reactions to his past sinful activities.


Enlightment is nothing but your disappearance or more correctly disappearance of your mind. The fact is that mind wants to go on living, and it can live only in your enlightment. It does not want you to be aware of your very origin. It does not want you to be enlightened, because that is it’s death. You have to choose between mind with which you are absolutely identified and your Ownself. You have to create distance between mind and You – You, the Witness – You, the Sakshi.

Enlightment is not something to be achieved, it is your very nature. Anyday just turn in, dive deep inside, and you are enlightened. It is not something apart from yourself – It is you. There is no distance between you and enlightment. Know Yourself and your enlightened – You are already there! Nothing has to be achieved, nothing has to be added to your being. All that is needed is just turn inside from outside, - Inwards from Outwards! There also you have not to search, You have only to know, - Know it with faith, - Know it with devotion, - Know it by witnessing, - Just witnessing inside. By searching you cannot find your ownself, because search creates desires, and desires can be fulfilled only through efforts and human efforts cannot help you transcend humanity, human efforts cannot take you beyond yourself. To know your Origin, self you have to go beyond yourself.

After long penance and struggle when Gautam Siddharth attained to enlightment, ….the Awakened one …… ‘BUDDHA’, someone asked him what is it that you have achieved? He said I achieved nothing, I only discovered what I already had with me. Earlier I did not knew that it had been with me forever and ever. Now I know it. It is nothing new. Even when I was not aware of it, it was very much there.

Therefore Swamiji says “Enlightment is present right in you, with you. You have not to go anywhere, you have not to renounce anything. Just you have to know it, to grasp it. You have not to seek anything. It is already there, you have only to know it!

You have to stop the movement of mind, which is always moving, sometimes for money, power, prestige, God, paradise, or anything will do. Just it wants to keep you moving. Any direction is okay, Just stopping is dangerous, because the moment you stop, the mind dies the moment you stop, your personality dies the moment you stop, you disappear into the Oceanic Existence – in Eternal Peace. Now you have to choose between state of mind and state of no-mind. Reasons for your ignorance of yourself is not that – that you are not enlightened. But the reason is that your mind wants to go on living – it is not ready to die. Because the moment you arrive at your Ownself – You become silent – a stage of nothingness – a stage of Samadhi – though alive, abundantly alive, overflowingly alive, full of fragrance but there is no movement – You are absorbed in Eternal Ocean – You are no more individual, but whole Cosmos – Full Enlightment.

Enlightment is not something to be achieved, it is your very nature.

I achieved nothing, I only discovered what I already had with me.


The most important person from the conception to the publication of “UNIVERSAL WELL WISHER” is Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj. “UNIVERSAL WELL WISHER” would have remained a dream, but for his inspiration, guidance and blessings. All this and more!

He was born on 1st January 1942 in a small village Hyder Chandia near Larkana Sind. Shri Hukumatrai and Smt. Tulsi Devi, the father and mother named their child Sanmukhlal.

After partition they migrated to Agra and then shifted to Ulhasnagar Camp No.1 in 1949. Here child Sanmukhlal came in touch with Satguru Shanti Prakash Maharaj, who blessed him with ‘Guru Mantar’ in 1954.

Satguru Maharaj sent Sanmukhlal to Kashi for learning holy Sanskrit scriptures. He worked hard for 11 years to achieve title of “VEDANT ACHARYA”.

He was initiated by Satguru Shanti Prakash Maharaj into ascetic order (Sanyas) in 1967 and was rechristened as Swami Dev Prakash.

His service and surrender to Satguru Maharaj is an unique and unparallel. His love and dedication to Satguru Maharaj cannot be explained by words. His truthfulness and faith to Satguru Maharaj cannot be explained by any language.

Swami Dev Prakash has been elected as President of Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram Trust in Sept. 1992.

He is working round the clock to complete Guru Maharaj’s projects. He is leading all devotees with firm faith towards their ultimate destination.

Under his able leadership, Swami Shanti Prakash Trust has built up a unique temple in memory of Satguru Maharaj, in Swami Teoonram Ashram Ulhasnagar.