A few words about
Our August Organization

Swami Shanti Prakash Prakritik Chikitsa & Yoga Kendra, is a charitable Trust, dedicated to the service of humanity through Nature Cure and practice of Yoga.

This August Trust was founded by Yogiraj Doulatram K.Chandwani, himself and exponent of Yoga, with the blessing of Krishna Swaroop, Yug Pursh, Karam Yogi Brahmleen Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj, on 5th January 1992 along with his like minded associates. Their tireless efforts and burning desire to create awakening about practice of Yoga and nature cure yielded rich and excellent results. Today the trust owns 5 storeyed Building (Proposed) the first Phase of which was inaugurated on 26th January 1997, by our revered hands of Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj, under whose kind presidentship the trust is functioning.

Our Present Activities

* Complete arrangement of nature cure treatment, such as Enema, Massage, Steam Bath, Jal Neeti, Hip Bath, Mud Packs, Acupressure, Magneto Therapy, etc. for ladies and gents separately.
* The Trust is conducting free Yoga Classes at 5 places at Ulhasnagar (Camp 1 to Camp 5) in the morning and evening for gents & ladies separately.
* The building houses a Juice Centre, Medical Health Store, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathy Dispensaries. However emphasis is laid on Yogas & meditation.
* There is also a full fledged Gymnasium with all modern equipments where about 300 enthusiastics are taking advantage at moderate charges.Karate Classes are also conducted daily.

Our Aims & Objects 

* To organize Yoga, Meditation Training, Camps & Classes for spiritual uplift of mankind.
* To provide, nature cure treatment, To conduct Seminars and camps on nature cure, Medical Aid as and when needed in Ayurvedic & Homoeopathy, Educational Scholarships, Stipends and Travelling Fellowship to needy students, To grant and award occasional financial assistance to outstanding students and above all carry on social activities in all possible ways such as shelter to Widows, Old people/orphans, handicapped and arranging handicraft and hand work facilities to incapable, weak and unemployed deserving persons for earning their livelihood, to finance fully or partly aid for marriages of girls from poor families, to arrange religious seminars, Camps, entertainment programmes for the spiritual involvement of all sections of the society and to top them all to erect a temple of Swami Shanti Prakash and any other great souls.

Our Proposed Highlights

* 5 storeyed Hospital with 60 self contained rooms for indoor patients for Nature Cure Treatment.
* Full fledged Canteen including Dinning Hall, fully furnished to serve the food for indoor patients and others.
* Dietry counselling.
* Library-Cum-Reading Room having books on Naturopathy, Yogas, etc.
* Sauna Bath
* Satsung Hall for daily Satsung.
* Swimming Pool
* Garden with small herbal forest
* Music classes.


We earnestly solicit your co-operation, participation, good wishes and above all association in any form for furthering this noble cause in search of treasure of nature to experience God within us and everlasting happiness.